The Benefits of Oxygen and Skin Care

The history of oxygen skin care began with its topical application to hasten the healing of burns. Oxygen skin care is based on the premise that stable natural oxygen can improve the overall health of the skin. Even better, when combined with a liquid solution- commonly referred to as serums – offers even more benefits as the skin is misted with an oxygen infused serum . Anti-aging serums made of peptides and vitamins A, E & C boost the skin with antioxidants to protect and repair the skin from sun damage and build collagen to soften fine lines. Another popular serum and great for this climate, used for all ages, is the hydrating serum, designed to replace water loss and heal the skin after exposure to altitude, wind and/or dehydration. When visiting a dry climate this would be an especially great remedy to reverse the effects a dry environment has on your skin. Anti-aging oxygen skin care, in which plant-and peptide based serums are used, is especially popular today and is a wonderful spa service any time of the year.
Written by Julianne Bacialli, Licensed Esthetician, Owner Aroma Essence Skincare.