Get Rid Of Your Acne

Did you know that 85% of people battle acne at one point or another in their lives? Acne is an inherited disorder, where the pores shed dead skin cells at a much faster rate than normal pores. As a result, the dead skin builds up blocking  the pore and allowing the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics can stop the growth of bacteria,  but they do not offer a long term solution.  Learning how to care for your skin by using  products for your specific condition will provide the best long term results.  Most clients see changes immediately  and  become completely clear  in 90 days.  As a skin care professional one of the  most  rewarding  parts of my job  is observing  my clients using less and less makeup .  I love to watch the skin transform and  see the renewed confidence that follows.

“After struggling to keep my skin clear for months, I was relieved to find Julianne at Aroma Essence Skincare.  Not only did she make me feel confident that we could clear up my skin, but she also provided me with a skin care plan that was manageable, affordable and effective. I’ve been beyond happy and satisfied with the skin care products she offers and would highly recommend Julianne to solve your skin needs.” Offered  by customer Lily Virden.

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