Safe Products for Acne-Prone Skin

The products that we use are specifically formulated for acne skin and are guaranteed to not clog your pores. In order to have success with these items you must have a consultation with an Acne Specialist to determine the specific items needed for your home regimen, everyone is different.

We also have a line of products used in our facial services, they require supervision by a acne certified professional. A consultation will determine whether or not your skin will need a series of  facials or whether using just the home regimen will be enough to clear your skin.

How does the system work?

The system works by taking into account:

  1. Your skin type
  2. Your acne type
  3. Your skin condition
  4. How fast your skin adapts to products
  5. Lifestyle considerations that could be affecting your skin.

We will assess your skin at the beginning of every treatment to ascertain what treatment will be best for your skin at the time of treatment.

It’s very important for us to see or speak to you every two weeks to assess your home-care regimen. We almost always change how you use your home-care every two weeks to make sure we stay ahead of you ability to adapt to skin care products.

We also want to check and make sure that your home-care is not too strong and irritating. We want to achieve that balance between helping you get rid of acne as fast as possible without irritating and dehydrating your skin. We are partners in this process; we can’t do it without your full participation.