The Best Time Of The Year For A Peel

Living at altitude and exposing our skin to the elements can cause a thick layer of  build up, making lines and spots more noticeable.  Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to shed these layers and give the skin a boost of energy.

Peeling the skin promotes new skin growth, removing old damaged  skin and replacing it with shiny, youthful  and  healthy skin.  Repairing the unhealthy cells that could some day become  skin cancer.   Other long term benefits are  increased collagen production that improves the quality of the skin.  Most noticeable is the immediate change in texture and often  color of the skin  as the surface below is stimulated  causing  the old layers  to shed exposing the new healthier layers on top.

Lactic Acid is one of my favorite treatments for  dry sun- damaged skin exposed to  elevation.  It works deep below the surface  to slow down the production of brown spots,  improving moisture levels  in the skin. With lactic acid you have  very little if any peeling as most of the action occurs below the surface.

Having a peel does not prevent you from going to work or doing other activities,  a good moisturizer and SPF  is recommended on the days that follow.  Done in a series, a peel  should  begin mild with very little down time ,  increasingly becoming  more stimulating  with each treatment depending on the results you desire and your lifestyle.  There are peels for every skin type,  a variety of cocktails  and  applications.  Before  a peel  I recommend  having  a consultation or facial to  address  your concerns and decide the best treatment  for your skin type.

Written by Julianne Bacialli Licensed Esthetician, Owner Aroma Essence Skincare.