Vascutouch Treatment


Easy and Affordable
Skin Tag & Red Spot Removal  

“My clients have been thrilled with the results from their Vascutouch treatment.” – Julianne

The Vascutouch is specifically designed  to remove unsightly veins—especially spider veins,  seen as red spots and/or red lines on the face. It is also very effective for removing skin tags and red moles.  The vessels being treated are not a part of your active circulation. The Vascutouch probe touches the skin and seals off the vein or dries the soft tissue. You may experience some scabbing, but this will resolve in 1-2 weeks.  Your initial consultation will take about 1/2 hour, most areas can be treated in 15-30 minutes. Redness from veins in the face, depending on the size, will typically require a few  treatments.

“After a delightful facial with Julianne over a year ago, she told me about a machine she hoped to get that would eliminate the redness in my cheeks. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had broken capillaries making my face look red. She finally got the machine called the VascuTouch and I eagerly scheduled an appointment. She worked about 20 minutes on my face with minimal pain. She told me that my face would look worse before it looked better and she was right. After about 10 days the redness was gone and the tone on my face is very even. I could not be happier with the results.”
– Pamela Christian, Gunnison, CO

Most moles and skin tags take only a few minutes.  Numerous spots can be treated in just one session. When the skin tag or mole disappears, it is felt that the treatment is permanent. Sessions for the Vascutouch are 30min. and cost $75.

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