Why We Are Successful

Why does this system work when other skin care products have failed?
Those of you unfortunate enough to have an acne condition that’s too resistant to respond to the many treatments out there, need a comprehensive approach to treating your skin. Antibiotics, Accutane, Retin-A, Blue light therapy, Laser, Microdermabrasion, Chemical and enzyme peels and all those pharmaceutical skin care products that range from inexpensive to ridiculously expensive, either address only a part of the problem or do nothing at all.

Let’s compare
Most Dermatologists are more knowledgeable about the function, condition, and diseases of the skin than we are. But are they giving you the time and attention needed to deal with your complex skin problem? Their typical prescriptions may temporarily kill bacteria, dry up the sebum (oil from the sebaceous gland), or exfoliate your skin, but the side effects range from quite irritating to extremely dangerous. And are they contacting you regularly to monitor your progress, or even returning your calls of desperation when the program is not working as it should?

Spas have estheticians that are trained in treating the skin, but how often do they effectively treat acne? They are typically trained on the line of skin care offered and used in their facial services.  It is unlikely you will find results here, since most spas do not address acne conditions of the skin.

Medi- spas and most other clinics will dazzle you with their machines and technology that can be impressive but quite expensive. And for those of you who can afford it that would be fine, if it worked. But unless they are giving you a home-care regimen that addresses exfoliation, killing the bacteria, rehydration on a daily basis and making adjustments to your skin adapting, they won’t get the job done.

Proactiv and its copycats have the right idea and that’s why some people have success getting clear with their system. But even Proactiv isn’t strong enough for most of you, nor do they monitor the changing condition of your skin. Not only that but they never see your skin or talk to you; so how can they know if your complexion is light or dark, your acne is inflamed or non-inflamed, sensitive or not, combined with rosacea, resistant or rapidly responding.

Our Mission
Successfully treating acne is our mission. We follow a time tested, proven model that gets real results.

  • We are constantly doing research and are aware of the newest skin care products and techniques. We make sure that our products are formulated to be the most effective.
  • When one of our products isn’t working for you as we had anticipated, we will find one that does and exchange it at no charge.
  • We will answer or return your calls and emails rapidly because we want to communicate with you. We value our reputation and know that the only way to be known as the best acne clinic, is to address your needs and get your skin clear.